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Whats the story behind Rise Unconquered and Why are you here? I bet you will find out why below, there are no coincidences…


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Our story

What is it about our world today that keeps us driving towards peace, harmony, healing, love, and unity? It is the people in it, the individuals that make up the whole. You are an individual that makes up that whole, as am I. Together we see this world naked and raw. There is pain, people suffering under the burden of warfare, class discrimination, greed, and malevolence. There is also beauty, reasons to feel gratitude, opportunity, abundance, love and options. The lens that we look through determines several things in our lives personally and also collectively. When we are seeing the world through the lens of despair and hopelessness everything in our lives can seem and feel painful. When things feel painful real physical blocks and pains can develop in our health, both physical and emotional, in our finances, career, or in our relationships with others. On the flipside, when we peer thru the lens of love, gratitude and optimism we still encounter challenges, but, we have the energy, vitality and belief needed to overcome them with grace and ease. We can find and feel greater pleasure in life’s blessings and the little things that come across our path, and the momentary gifts, the tiny moments can become the fuel we need to feel confident about the path that we are on.

Rise Unconquered was created for the purpose of helping individuals through the difficult transitions in life. The points where we feel like things are falling apart and we know we need to change but don’t know how, or need support to pass through the eye of clarity. We want to be a part of a future that we will be proud to leave to our children and our children’s children. To create that future we need empowered individuals walking the face of this planet, each walking the truth of who they are, and what they can offer others. The time of living in fear is ending, and the time of living in hope is beginning. Every individual that makes the conscious choice, effort and decision to live a life that inspires and elevates others will become an anchor to the rest. The growth of our movement into love will be an exponential one, and something that we will all reap the benefits of before the end of our lifetime. I hope that you will join Nate Prince and Rise Unconquered in this cause and movement. If you have something you would like to teach us, please reach out and let’s share it.

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