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Art Of War | Lesson Of Control 3 of 4

The third lesson of control is focused on Strength.

Do you lead or are you part of an organization, family or company? The Art Of War has wisdom that you could apply today to help you and your group succeed.

The Art of war is a military text believed to be written by an ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu in 5th century B.C. Its texts carry great weight when applied to Business and life, as much as warfare.

Control Strength

Remember that a war can be fought in the mind as much as the battlefield.

“To be near the goal while the enemy is still far from it, to wait at ease while the enemy is toiling and struggling, to be well-fed while the enemy is famished – this is the art of husbanding one’s strength.” 

— Sun Tzu (THE ART OF WAR)

Individually and collectively we only contain so much energy, this is the power to create, or the power to destroy. When we are aiming to create change within our environment we must take our reserves into account. When facing a foe, what he have becomes even more important.

Art of War Lesson 1

“To be near the goal while the enemy is still far from it “ Sun Tzu is advising that strategy is needed to maintain our place of power. To remain near the goal could mean physically and also mentally. Maintaining our spirit and controlling our mind to remain in a position of strength mentally.  To be the master of the goal posts, to outwit the enemy with where they must focus their energy will leave them vulnerable.

Art of War Lesson 2

“To wait at ease while the enemy is toiling and struggling,” this line could be translated as physically conserving energy, avoiding putting energy into tasks that do not yield a return. It could also be applied to controlling fear. Fear nibbles constantly at our ability to create, to imagine, and to pursue, draining us of our most powerful essence. To the contrary, creating extra work for the enemy will drain them of their resources while you may rest and recuperate.

Art of War Lesson 3

“To be well-fed while the enemy is famished,” that while we are in the midst of battle, pursuing our mission, our mind, body, and soul must be cared for. Every vehicle must be cared for or it will break down, so it is with our bodies. If you master where the enemy is focusing energy, controlling the goal posts, and creating extra work for them, not giving them time to refuel themselves, the hungry enemy will become exposed.

The ultimate lesson, focus on harnessing your strength while strategically teasing the enemy into expending theirs. Strength is relative to your opponent, we cannot be at 100% strength all the time, just stronger than our foe.

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