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How To Deal With Negative News

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with the terrible news coming from the media? Has the direction of events got you down? Are you ready and willing to effectively deal with negative news?

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, because an artful life requires being prepared to meet and withstand sudden and unexpected attacks.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Gaining perspective of who and what the media is, and how to navigate information sources will give you much greater clarity into what you will accept as truth, and what you will let pass as propaganda or pieces designed to sway you.

There is a significant difference between Journalism and ‘The Media.’

Journalism is the activity or profession of gathering information on current or past events, consolidating that information, and disseminating that information for the public.

The Media is a large organized force whose main purpose is to generate ad revenue, maintain relationships with large advertisers, and increase viewership. Virtually all major media such as Music, Entertainment, Television news, and Print news are owned by 6 large corporations.

  • National Amusements
  • Disney
  • TimeWarner
  • ComCast
  • NewsCorp
  • Sony

How do these companies earn their money you may ask? These companies depend on advertising revenue to keep their programs alive. They must not only be loyal to the big spenders on their customer list, such as big pharmaceutical companies that spend more on advertising than on R&D. They must also bait, hook, and compel viewers to return.

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The truth is, drama and emotion sells. We would love to say that logic and reasoning are behind our decisions, but we are irrational beings, swayed and launched into action by our emotions. Fear, drama, sadness, scarcity, adrenaline, and sex keep us coming back in mass. Media relies on a finely tuned machine that pulls at all the right pleasure centers making viewers open to suggestion and hooked on returning. Think about the studies we covered in previous episodes on mass human psychology and how easily we are swayed to certain thought patterns, beliefs and actions.

Just like the experiment by Pavlov where he would ring the bell, and the dogs would salivate. We are very wise and intelligent, yet we can still be conditioned unconsciously.

How do we avoid the negativity of the media? We choose who we will give attention.

Journalists report truth and information, Media focuses on increasing numbers.

Who will you choose to capture your attention?

Who will you trust with your mind?

Negativity in our mood and life is generated from the inability to accept what is, resistance to what has happened, or clinging to a remembered past or imagined future.

However as in daily life, we cannot avoid the dark, sinister aspects of our world, every moment that a child starves, a child is born. Every time a sea creature dies from pollution, a caterpillar emerges from a cocoon as a butterfly. The dark, is counter to the light, both must exist.


  • Set hours of time during the day to gather your news, say between 11 AM and 3 PM. This will let you start your day with positivity, and close your eyes with an unadulterated mind.
  • Only get your news from reliable sources independent from being swayed by big corporate money or think tanks.
  • Ask yourself, how much world news do you need each day or week to live a good, happy, and effective life?

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