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Matter. Time. Fate.

Have you found yourself getting worked up by events to the point that your mood effects relationships, finances, or career?


Matter. How tiny your share of it.

Time. How brief and fleeting your allotment of it.

Fate. How small a role you play in it.”

Marcus Aurelius (Meditations 5:24)


I once heard someone describe earth as a speck of dust floating in an infinite ocean. And we reside as an amazingly small speck, on that speck that is floating through vastness.


I once heard someone describe that if the lifespan of earth were measured on a football field, the time of humans would only make up the last tenth of a yard before the end zone. We are a microcosm of life flashing in and out like sparks thrown from metal being grinded down.


I once read a quote from Aldus Huxley

“My fate cannot be mastered; it can only be collaborated with and thereby, to some extent, directed. Nor am I the captain of my soul; I am only its noisiest passenger.”

 While the world is our playground, we do not direct the conditions. I like to think about sailing when it comes to fate. I say we cannot change the direction of the wind, only set our sails.

“Keep in mind how fast things pass by and are gone – those that are now, and those to come. Existence flows past us like a river: the “what” is in constant flux, the ”why” has a thousand variations. Nothing is stable, not even what’s right here. The infinity of past and future gapes before us – a chasm whose depths we cannot see.

So it would take an idiot to feel self-importance or distress. Or any indignation, either. As if the things that irritate us lasted.”Marcus Aurelius (Meditations 5:23)

Today, let us revel in the amazing nature of life, the impermanence of all things pleasant and unpleasant, and the beauty that exists when we let go of our importance or distress.

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